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UnicoreMD is designed for medical professionals to analyze, manage, and determine outcomes for disability and injury cases. Utilizing UnicoreMD, Providers are able to make more accurate and objective occupational decisions and create real-time reports for worker compensation and disability claims, as well as, Employer pre-hiring assessments.

The UnicoreMD application is designed by actual medical professionals, specifically to address Provider's needs for simple and fast analysis, EHR integration, and elimination of redundancy. The result is a powerful tool that incorporates a RTW methodology for precision clinical diagnosis of a disability, real-time, viewable job analysis, and automatic restrictions alerts using a maximum allowable protocol scale.

The UnicoreMD system follows the Atlanta Orthopaedic Institute's VICTORY® methodology, combining "Vision, Infrastructure, Clinical Excellence, Technology, Outcomes, Reproduction, and You" to deliver Providers the following benefits:

  • Objectified clinical care and administrative processes.
  • Real-time communication with employers, case managers and insurers.
  • Immediate access to critical clinical and job information.
  • Faster, documented, and objective Return-to-Work decisions.
  • Improved Provider-Employer-Insurer relationships.
  • Volume growth in lucrative patient population (Workers Compensation).
  • Best practices big data for predictive analytics and planning.

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