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Unicore Health, Inc.

Unicore Health delivers innovative technologies that optimize human performance in the workplace. Employees are a company’s most important asset, and as industrial athletes, maximizing their productivity is the key to success.

Unicore Health’s revolutionary software provides Return-to-Work (RTW)  solutions for Providers, Employers and Payers to collaborate on best practice outcomes.  Our value proposition establishes “Employee Care Optimization” as the primary means to lower risk, drive down costs, streamline administrative processes, and maximize results across the worker compensation ecosystem.

Unicore's patented software, the Human Optimization System 360 (HOS360TM), translates a scientific 360 ° medical diagnosis of a person's injuries or disabilities to determine their overall capability, and matches these competencies to specific job functions and requirements.  Providers assess patient function using automated job and restriction analysis to determine treatment and work plans.  The fully integrated HOS360TM platform immediately alerts the Employer, Employee and Payer of the results, allowing real-time RTW decisions and eliminating delays or errors associated with manual forms and process.

Unicore Health is changing the game for the industrial athlete and changing the assertion from what a person “can’t do,” to what they “can do.”

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