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Unicore Health delivers predictive analytics data solutions that can be used to drive best practices, decisions and outcomes. Pressures on the healthcare system are mounting as Providers are required to quickly respond to Employers, Third Party Administrators, and Insurers, often making key RTW decisions with minimal information that directly effects the bottom line of all parties.

The Unicore Health Predictive Analytics solution allows Providers to capture data regarding patient diagnosis, disability assessments, RTW plans, and measurable outcomes. Each patient diagnosis and transaction provides artificial intelligence (AI) that will provide detailed dashboard reporting for the patient and claims adjusters as a means of delivering status against industry standards. Most important, the aggregation of this critical information will be stored and available for the Provider to use as a big data set for future patient comparisons and scientific determination of RTW best practices based on similar patient diagnosis and positive outcomes.

On the Employer side, large volumes of operational data are being lost on a daily basis related to predicting and investigating job safety and injury issues before they become a reality. A critical component of the Unicore Health solution is the data collected to capture job-task hazards, ergonomic improvements and recommendations to improve safety initiatives. Predictive Analytics may also be used for RTW decisions based on empirical data regarding job modifications and alternative jobs compared to an individual's disability, restrictions and capabilities.

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