About Us

Unicore Health, Inc. targets the significant employer cost resulting from employees being out of work due to workplace injuries. Unicore offers a cost-effective way to improve productivity and reduce lost time costs by providing alternatives allowing for timely return to work. Unicore's patented process connects clinically relevant and current Physical Job Requirements to the employee's Physical Limitations as assigned during the medical evaluation of the injured worker.

Unicore introduces a fundamental paradigm shift in addressing lost time, the primary cost driver in workers' compensation cases. We offer a patented tool that provides alternatives to keeping injured employees out of work. Lost Time accounts for half of all workers' injury expenses, and our solution changes the way of addressing the problem from areactive to a proactive process. We do this by providing Employers and Providers with relevant, objective clinical information to mitigate the gray zones of risk that drive costs.

Lost Time Costs for U.S. Employers:

  • Costs of injured workers covered an estimated 130.6 million workers at a cost that exceeded $100 billion.
  • Total employer costs (lost time benefits and medical expenses) were approximately $57.6 billion.
  • Cost per lost-time claim alone was $23,000 per claim and continues to grow each year (NASI, 2008).
  • Costs do not include administration of claims, loss of productivity, overtime pay, costs of temporary workers, lower morale, etc.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Unicore Health, Inc. was founded to virtually eliminate the opportunity for "lost time" by integrating a patented software application, Unicore360™. By utilizing the Unicore360™ technology, employers realize "gain time" as they bridge two entities in the cost cycle:

  1. Employer's job requirements for the injured worker, and the;
  2. Physician's clinical diagnosis decision.

The Unicore360™ software application now automates, through a patented search engine and embedded video, relevant job analysis information and matches it with the clinical diagnosis. The result offers employees the "capabilities" to return to work through appropriate and meaningful modified or alternative job positions immediately.

Whether your organization is a complex global enterprise or a growing mid-sized business, Unicore will deliver:

  • Lower Costs and Increased Controls
  • Reduced Compliance Risk
  • Improved Service Delivery
  • Mitigated Risk to a Third Party
  • Maximized Return on Investment (ROI)